Ueinzz visual and musical theatre

This week Mike’s Badhuistheater is home to a theatre group from São Paulo (Brasil). The members of the group have a mental handicap. These Thursday there will be a lovely visual en musical show. And Wednesday there will be an open rehearsal. Language is no problem, because it is only visual. We’re looking forward to it!

Of the performance, entitled Zero Gravity, Episode V: Spaces, Ueinzz writes:

There isn’t enough space for all people in the world. Some people live in limbo, between walls, others were thrown into the sea. A small group decides to board a ship in search of other worlds, of possibles, zero gravity… Utopia, evasion or lucidity? In the passage through sidereal Eden there is hybrid beings. A crack in the sky makes its appearance: a hint of a world about to collapse or open up to another dimension? The shaman friends of xapiri monkeys are invited to face this challenge. In the middle of clashes, fights, assaults, the fire of Nero, heads on trays, dances, new constellations emerge, conversations with stars.

For more information: http://www.ificantdance.com/performance_in_residence/Ueinzz.html

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