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Bad Friday: Madhouse at the Badhuis 002

Friday April 14, start: 8pm


Open structured Easter campfire with the moon as the subject. East meets west: the moon. With theatrical extracts of Synges’ ‘When the Moon Sets’ and a short story by Italo Calvino. Live folk music and discussion.  The role of the moon in human action as well as its relation to the construction of the East and the West with specific reference to how they appear in theatre and poetry. Western and Eastern values.

The day of the event is Good / Bad Friday the fourteenth day of March in the Gregorian calendar or the first of April in the Julian calendar. On this day of all days, it so happens that orthodox and catholic Paschal Triduum fall on the exact same days with Passover preceding it by three days. This is a relatively rare event with it happening on average once every five years or so. Madhouse@Badhuis see this occurrence as an opportunity to complicate our understanding of the East/West dichotomy.

The East/West bifurcation has been present in the structures of knowledge for centuries. This dichotomy has been central to how the self has been conceived dialectically in relation to ‘the other’. The expression ‘western values’ is a product of this framing.

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